Episode 1: Beyond The Deception

We know more about food and health than any population in history. And yet, we’re sicker than ever.

Do you know the real reasons why?

In this episode, we:

  • Expose the tactics employed by the processed food industry to keep us confused (and hooked on their products!)
  • Reveal the dairy industry's hidden agenda
  • Uncover the hazardous effects of pesticides on farmworkers and consumers
  • Show how the pharmaceutical industry is making billions of dollars selling medications to an increasingly sick population

And we’ll look behind the curtain and bring you hope — showing how much better things can be and that the power truly is in your hands to reclaim your health and to be part of the solution!

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Each day of the Summit, enjoy three more Recipes Of The Day, and a recipe demonstration video, from Nichole Dandrea-Russert, RDN.

Nichole is co-author, with Ocean Robbins, of FRN's forthcoming cookbook, Powered By Plants.

Share your top take-aways, your questions, & what it means to you

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